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LSC Communications Announces Reorganization of Business

LSC Communications - MCL Reorganizes its catalog and magazine publishing business to better serve the needs of a changing market landscape

● ENRU™ Logistics and Postal Optimization is building on the success of Co-Mail Services and expanding its market reach as a digital-first supply chain solutions partner.

● KODI COLLECTIVE™ Marketing Execution Services is comprised of LSC short- and medium-volume print, Digital Lizard digital marketing services, plus the former Continuum Marketing Production Services and Hudson Yards Studios.

● LSC™ PRINT SOLUTIONS High-Volume Print Manufacturing will continue to serve the print production needs of high-volume catalog and magazine publishers.

ATLANTA, GA (March 1, 2023) – LSC Communications-MCL announced today that it has reorganized operations to strengthen its ability to serve the rapidly changing needs of its customers. The magazine and catalog printing unit will now go to market as three brands:
ENRU™Logistics and Postal Optimization, KODI Collective™ Marketing Execution Services, and LSC™ Print Solutions.

“Our customers are changing and it’s time for us to change along with them,” said Stephanie Mains, CEO of LSC Communications – MCL. “We are centering the business around our core strengths and focusing our future efforts squarely on where our customers need us the most. We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of integrated print, digital marketing, visual communications, and getting customer products to market. Today’s announcement is the pathway for how and where we invest our human and financial capital, and how we will continue to win.”

“We are excited to write the next chapter in the history of this iconic, 159-year-old company,” Mains continued. “This realignment allows us to focus on what we do well. Moving forward, we will invest in modernizing our print capabilities and logistics services while growing our portfolio of co-mail and marketing execution solutions.”

ENRU Logistics and Postal Optimization is bringing to market a proprietary technology that will enable the brand to do for logistics what it did for co-mail: optimize it. Leveraging 100+ years of experience in logistics, the brand brings together the capabilities and footprint of several acquisitions, including the Clark Group, Fairrington Logistics, and RR Donnelley Logistics & Co-mail Services.

The new, full-service logistics platform can optimize the assignment of loads in real-time and move them efficiently through a strategically located national network, thus reducing costs and managing disruption across the supply chain. A play off of the word “en route” the ENRU brand thrives on complexity to simply deliver for shippers, carriers, mailers, and drivers, with the added benefit of reducing CO2 emissions through optimized routing.

KODI Collective brings together a versatile portfolio of marketing creative and production capabilities for customers looking to execute effectively in the world of omnichannel marketing. Traditional short- and medium-volume print joins with an expansive array of digital print offerings, plus photography and video production, digital marketing support, and sourcing services to provide a one-stop shop for marketing execution.

The name Kodi is derived from the ancient Celtic word for helper and evokes the brand promise to “take it from here” and help customers achieve their marketing goals. Kodi Collective will include the businesses formerly known as Digital Lizard, Continuum Marketing Production Services, and Hudson Yards Studios, plus print operations in Lebanon Junction, KY (formerly Publisher’s Press) and print operations in Liberty, MO, Pontiac, IL, and Danville, KY (former RR Donnelley).

LSC Print Solutions is the brand that represents the company’s rich heritage and continues to lead the way as an icon of American printing. “We remain a leading manufacturer of high-volume print, producing the magazines that entertain and the catalogs that inspire,” Mains said. “Through the LSC Print Solutions brand, we will continue to make the magic that can only be found on the printed page.” LSC Print Solutions will serve customers from its Maple Grove, MN and Warsaw, IN facilities.

For more information, please visit these respective websites:
www.enru.io, www.CallKodi.com
and www.LSCPrintSolutions.com.
You can also follow the brands on LinkedIn and Instagram.


Melissa Noebes, Senior Vice President
LSC Communications – MCL
+1 404 259 1136