Standing out from the clutter; the advantages of direct mail

Standing Out From the Clutter; The Advantages of Direct Mail

There is no question that the world of marketing and advertising has shifted dramatically in the last few years. We have left behind the more traditional forms of communication for more modern digital channels which have their perks and can make communication instant to your consumers. But the internet has become so cluttered with content and ads that consumers often feel overwhelmed. Print media is still one of the best ways to reach your desired market – up to 90% of mail is opened and read through. 

Most consumers check their mail every day. They look through each piece, checking to see if it’s something important or just junk mail. And while those items categorized as junk might get thrown out, they were still viewed for relevance by the consumer. Direct mail leaves a lasting impression on customers and sparks an emotional response that puts your company at the front of their minds.

Direct mail has gained benefits from the increase in digital content. As companies have moved away from traditional advertising and focused solely on digital, the impact those traditional methods create has increased. Using direct mail, you can create a unique campaign that will be memorable for consumers and encourage them to choose your company over the rest. 

Enru Logistics and Postal Optimization provides you with a simple way to get materials to your consumers. We use our distribution strength to create value for direct mailers with our advanced technologies, vast postal knowledge, and on-target predictability. And with our revolutionary co-mailing services, Enru is competitively priced and saves most companies money annually. 

We coordinate your delivery windows, maximize postal discounts, and provide timely reporting. Our top priorities are helping you optimize your total postal spend while providing a more predictable mail delivery window. From print management of subscription boxes to promotional products, Enru has you covered.