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We are the
pioneers and
industry leaders
of optimization in cooperative mail.

We were one of the first and continue to lead the field in cooperative mail, delivering savings and efficiency for our customers. Our advanced algorithms and proven technology have inspired new ways of thinking. The complexities of logistics are about to move in ways never before thought possible.


Enru’s proprietary technology enables real-time load-to-driver assignments. We make the best matches and adjust as needed, on the fly, for complexities in the supply chain: traffic issues, truck maintenance issues, weather conditions, you name it.

We solve complex
problems at scale

We solve complex problems at scale to help shippers meet their commitments, carriers ensure their revenue, and drivers get home on time.

Real-time digital

We use a real-time digital twin along with unique optimization technologies of our entire network that allows us to optimize routes based on the actual status of loads, drivers, events, and commitments.

Connectivity to the postal system

Enru’s technology tools provide mailers, shippers, carriers, and drivers with connectivity to the postal system and complete accessibility, visibility, traceability, and reporting as freight and mail travels through the supply chain.

tech stack

We invest in keeping our core tech stack and operational technology the latest and greatest and working with partners to integrate day-to-day operations.

We operate in

Operating in real time enables Enru to make instant adjustments which then flow down through all scheduling impacts to optimize for several days in advance.

We solve for this load,

and the next.